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Is your Water Safe? Here's how to Tell

Posted by Ben Mos on
Is your Water Safe? Here's how to Tell

Caravan Water safety

Water safety is one of the most important parts of caravanning.

Having access to fresh, clean water is essential no matter where you are — in stunning remote Alice Springs or exploring the beautiful towns of the Yarra Valley.

It can seem daunting at first — and you might find yourself saying that you’ll simply buy water. But we’re here to let you know that making sure your water is safe isn’t tricky at all. There’s plenty of options from built in filtration to water tablets to make your caravanning experience as safe as it can be. You also never know exactly what the road is going to throw at you — which is why you should always plan for the unexpected.

We’re here to take the guesswork out so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a sip of fresh water.

Fish Out of Water

The first thing to check with any water supply is that there is no odour or discolouration. Although water can often have a chlorine smell, anything else is best to be avoided. Never drink from a water source you aren’t certain about.

A safe water supply starts off with a great quality water hose. There’s no use purifying your water if the hose is cracked and letting in dirt. There’s really no going past flat hoses for ease of use and quality. It is also important to flush out any water hoses and pipes at the beginning of each season to make sure there is no build up.

When it comes to water filters there are really two options:

External Water Filters
External Water Filters

An inline water filter is your first line of water safety. These external water filters simply attach to your water hose and filters as you go. An inline water filter is great for removing any chlorine odours from your water and is super easy to store. Either pop it off when not in use, or carefully wind it up and store with your hose.

This is a perfect option if you know you’re sticking to caravan parks with reliable water.

Fixed Water Filter

If you’re planning on heading a little more off the beaten path, especially if you are heading anywhere remote, it’s time to think about investing in a fixed water filter.

These fixed water filters are permanently installed and filters to the highest quality safety grade. The Shurflo Filtration Kit can easily be installed and comes with a fixed tap to make getting clean water even easier.

A fixed water filtration kit is essential for anyone who is planning on caravanning long term.

Fixed Water Filter
Lead a Horse to Water
Lead a Horse to Water

If you’re a tried and true caravanner then you already know exactly where you can find water. For those of you who are new to this world, we recommend checking out WikiCamps which has a wealth of user generated travel knowledge.

Water filling stations are available throughout Australia and any local visitor centre will be able to direct you to the closest station.

It’s also important to have a supply of water available for emergencies. Keep a jerry can or water bladder full in your caravan at all times.

If for whatever reason you need to purify water quickly, keep some drinking tablets handy. Cleanoxide Water Tablets are designed to purify up to 400L per table which makes them perfect for your water tank. There are also Aquatab which are great for smaller amounts of water and can be popped into your water bladder.

A Drop to Drink

By following these simple rules your water supply will be even tastier than bottled water.

In summary:

  • Never drink from an unknown water source
  • Check hoses for wear and tear
  • Invest in quality hoses and equipment
  • Install a fixed water filter if you plan on caravanning long term
  • Use drinking tablets if you’re ever unsure
  • Always keep an emergency supply of water

At Camec we are all about the joy of travelling, no matter where you’re going. Visit our knowledge centre for more tips and tricks or contact us today.

A Drop to Drink