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Keyless Entry - The easy way in!

Posted by Ben Mos on
Keyless Entry - The easy way in!

The automotive industry adopted keyless entry technology a long time ago. Today there are a myriad of different technologies and systems being fitted to modern passenger vehicles, from RF transmitters to passive entry systems. The RV industry, by comparison, has been slower to adopt similar technology. Until now.

The industry first, RV specific Keyless Entry System from Camec, is designed and manufactured in Australia, continuing a proud history of Australian made doors for Australian conditions. The system utilises the well proven NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to wirelessly communicate between the user’s fob and the lock, via secure 128bit encryption algorithms.

The Keyless Entry has been well thought out, with a triple redundancy system, so it is virtually impossible to be locked out of your van. The system can operate for up to 12 months on it’s internal alkaline batteries, or be wired directly into the RV’s 12V power source. In the case of the latter, if the RV battery runs low, the Keyless Entry will automatically revert to it’s internal batteries, ensuring it is always ready to operate

In the event that both power sources are depleted, the lock can be operated via the traditional Camec key.

Keyless Entry

The lock is shipped with 3 pre-programmed, fully waterproof remote fobs. Additionally, the system can store up to a total of 6 fobs or bracelets at any one time, so is ideal for the entire family. Both the fobs and bracelets are fully water and shock proof, allowing you to swim, ride, hike or just relax.

Did you Know?

That the Keyless Entry system is fully backward compatible to any Camec 3-point locking system door? The Keyless Entry can be retro fitted by any confident DIYer, with no additional cutting or modifications of the original door. The Keyless Entry shares the exact same door cut-out and mounting screws as the well-known and Patented Camec 3-point lock platform.

Yes, you can use the Camec One Key System with the Keyless Entry. The lock barrels are interchangeable so you can key your main door with your access and boot doors.

Camec 3-point locking system door

Keyless Entry

Top 5 installation tips

While the lock is packaged with detailed instructions, the installation of the lock can be tricky for those who are not familiar with the Camec 3-point system. So here are the top 5 tips for installers;

  1. Don’t install the batteries until the end!
    a. Installation is so much easier when the lock is asleep! Leave the batteries out of the lock until it is fully fitted to your door. During the installation it is easy to accidently press the internal activation button and send the lock motoring into its next state, usually right when you are attempting to align the inner and outer halves!
  2. Install the Keyless Entry in the locked state
    a. The lock is designed to be installed when in the locked state. The inner handle will be at right angles to the inner lock body and that is one less item you have to think about when aligning the two lock sections through your door. Remember to hold the ‘anti-slam’ pin in when locking the unit.
  3. Watch the Cable!
    a. This is a key step. Get this wrong and you are back to square 1, or worse. The routing of the ribbon cable that connects between the inner and outer sections is critical for the proper operation of the lock. If the outer lock handle does not snap fully home after installation, it is very likely the cable is not in position. The cable must be located in the designed channel and not caught or pinched against the door frame. You may need to have either small fingers, or a thin screwdriver to hold the cable in position while positioning the lock on to the door.
  4. Beware of the spring loaded latch gear
    a. The latch gear is held on to the main lock body via friction. This means it can pop off very easily. Be careful if you need to remove the lock from the door, as the gear will be engaged in the locking rack and come away from the lock if pulled too hard. It is recommended to hold the gear against the lock when removing from the door.
  5. You can use the key to slide the drive block up
    a. To assemble the lock onto the door, you need to slide the drive block upwards to engage with the internal locking rack. The Camec key is the perfect size to push the drive block up while pressing the two lock halves together.

Don’t forget to log onto, and find all installation related material on the keyless entry pages, including the handy videos, and of course, your installation manuals. Spend a few extra minutes here before you start and you’ll save yourself time down the track. You’ll be glad you did.