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10 of the best caravan accessories for camping in 2021

Posted by Ben Mos on
10 of the best caravan accessories for camping in 2021

Caravan and Camping Accessories

With overseas travel on pandemic pause, Australians are turning to caravan and camping holidays, many for the very first time. The team at Camec, your friendly one-stop caravan camping store, have curated ten of our favourite caravan and camping accessories to take on your next adventure. From practical camping equipment to small luxuries that turn camping into glamping these are the must-have caravan accessories of 2021.


Camec Wheel Level and Chock Kit

Let's face it, the chances of finding firm, perfectly level ground at every site you visit are fairly slim. So having a levelling ramp and chock kit on board will ensure you can set up your caravan to be level, sturdy and safe, even on sloping sites.

Camec Wheel Level and Chock Kit will ensure that no matter where you park your van, the sink will drain properly and the fridge door won't swing open each time you enter.


Camec Folding Aluminium Step

Our sturdy extra-wide camper steps make getting in and out of your caravan easier and safer. This strong, lightweight step has folding legs for easy stowing when on the move. The non-skid surface tread, locking legs and rubber feet make it an extremely stable platform.

Descend safely with the Camec Folding Aluminium Step, a necessary accessory in your caravan camping gear.


Rechargeable Oscillating Fan

Portable fans are one of the most popular camping accessories on the market. While many modern caravans have an air-conditioning unit, they require mains or generator power.

This handy rechargeable fan unit is whisper quiet and can be placed anywhere you are. Fans are a great way to maximise airflow and keep you cooler when camping, whether in a trailer, tent, caravan or holiday house.


Portable Solar Camping Shower

Even if you are planning to holiday in a caravan park that offers communal shower facilities don't underestimate the convenience of the humble portable solar camping shower.

The ultimate in low tech passive camping gear, simply hang the black bag in full sun to heat the water. Even if you only use it to wash off beach sand, you'll be thankful you bought it along.


Fire Safety and First Aid Caravan Camping Accessories

No caravan camping accessories list would be complete without mentioning fire safety and first aid.

Install a smoke detector, fire blanket and dry powder fire extinguisher in your caravan. Be sure to check them before heading off on holiday to make sure they are functioning correctly and easy to access.

While we all try to adventure safely, accidents do and will happen from time to time. Therefore, regardless of how you are camping, you must keep a first aid kit on hand.

You never know when you'll be called upon to administer first aid to treat a burn, bump, cut, bruise, splinter bug or, heaven forbid, snake bite. Camec's soft pack first aid kit is compact enough to fit in your glove box and contains the basic medical supplies to cover the most common camping mishaps.


Never queue for a grubby communal electric barbeque again. Regardless of fire restrictions, Camec's new gas tabletop BBQ will have you grilling up a feast in style.

Made specifically for the Australasian RV market, this high-quality stainless steel BBQ has electronic ignition and built-in temperature gauge. Fitted with flame failure detection, this compact cooker is compliant with the latest Australian caravan safety regulations.


Fiamma Caravan Bike Rack

Whether you are keen for some serious mountain biking or to send the kids off to cruise around the caravan park with their mates, bikes are the perfect spare set of wheels to take camping.

Transport your bikes safely and securely with Camec's Fiamma caravan bike rack. This rack can hold two bikes up to 35kg and mounts onto all standard caravan A-frames.


SmartSpace Cookware set for Caravan Kitchen

For the best camp cooking accessories, we have chosen to showcase this non-stick Teflon coated SmartSpace cookware set.

These generous square lidded pots nest neatly inside one another and share a removable handle making them the ideal space-saving addition to your caravan kitchen.


Pop-up Laundry Tub Camping Accessories

Collapsible camping accessories are all the rage these days; our favourite is this 12-litre pop-up laundry tub because it is just so versatile.

The tub has a rigid frame for strength and tough, flexible thermoplastic rubber walls allowing it to be collapsed for neat, easy storage when not in use.

Use it to store or wash dirty laundry; carry kindling; fill it with ice to keep drinks cold; even bathe the baby in it, you won't run out of uses for this fabulous tub.


TraVino Glassware

Finally, we finish our list of top camping supplies of the season with the outdoor wine glasses of the future.

TraVino Glassware combines comfort, practicality and aesthetics in their range of fully insulated, completely spill-proof beverage containers.

Their stunning stemless and 5-o'clock tumblers will keep hot drinks piping hot for six hours or cold drinks refreshingly chilled for 12 hours. The Stubzero Can & Bottle Stubby Cooler features condensation-free technology and keeps your drink five times colder after an hour compared with a standard stubby holder.

The impressive range of unique colours and finishes makes them an ideal personalised luxury gift for the campers in your life.

Caravan Kitchen Must Have’s - with The Blonde Nomads

Pop into your nearest Camec camping store to view our comprehensive range of caravan and camping equipment.

Our friendly team are ready with advice to help you choose the right caravan and camping gear to camp in style, comfort and safety in 2021.