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A Guide to Eco Travelling

Posted by Ben Mos on
A Guide to Eco Travelling

Eco Travelling Guide

As people are becoming more environmentally aware at home there are some great things that you can also implement while travelling. It’s all about making the daily switch and making better choices. We might not be able to save a rainforest, but everything we do big or small will help the environment and possibly your bank account.

So What is Green Travel?

There are so many ways we can try and turn our adventures into sustainable travel. But it is not just about planting a tree to offset your fuel consumption or using solar power (even though these things do help). It is about considering the economic impacts, social impacts and cultural impacts we have on the places we visit, the town and the environment. An eco-traveller makes better choices that will passively impact both the people and environment around them.

We’ve scoured some tips to help you make you an eco traveller.

Travelling Green on the Road

We are sure most people reading this have vehicles that require a lot of fuel so you can tow and carry all your needs for a fun adventure.

If you felt really bad, you’d look into bio-fuels.

If you feel a little bad, you’d investigate offsetting your carbon footprint by doing something like paying some company to plant trees for you.

If you don’t even really care, there are still little changes you can make that will not only help the environment; they’re common sense that’ll save you money.

  • Lighten your load – less weight you carry the less fuel you will consume
  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Slowly accelerate and decelerate
  • Avoid travelling during traffic
  • If going on a 4WD adventure why not car pool with your mates. Especially for day trips.
Green Travel Solar Power
Eco Choice Accommodation

Whether you’re camping, in your own RV, or renting a room somewhere; basically everything you do at home to keep your home green you should do in your caravan or other accommodation. From turning lights off when not needed to recycling and disposing of your waste appropriately.

Don’t Go Overboard

Just because you've paid a caravan park one night’s fee to use as much power as possible, doesn’t mean you should. Charge up what you need but you don’t have to have an hour long hot shower!

Use Solar Panels

When camping and dependent on alternative power choose solar panels over a generator when possible. This will help you have a sustainable source which is much better for the environment.

Change your Lightbulbs

Try more energy efficient LED lights in your caravan. They will provide you with a better source of light and use much less power.

Caravan LED lights

Who wants to do washing when you are travelling. Sure you might need some clean cloths occasionally but wait until you have a full load and then line dry where possible.

Keep recycling

If there’s no recycling where your staying take it with you to the next place or find a local deposit if possible.

Socially Responsible Attractions & Activities

While exploring the place you are staying try to focus on attractions and activities that are environmentally responsible and provide opportunities for local communities. We are all about supporting small business and towns. So purchase that coffee in your travel mug and book that local tour.

Map and Guide Books

We know it can be hard to get use to using technology for your maps and guide books but they are better for the environment and everything is right at your finger tips. Plus take photos of interesting articles and pamphlets rather than ripping pages out to reduce weight and paper consumption.

Bike Ride or Walk

Take the time to bike ride or walk around a town. Instead of just doing a drive by. Actually take the time to discover a town. You will save on fuel and may even discover some hidden gems on your walk.

Never Leave Rubbish in Natural Places

Even if it’s not yours, if you see rubbish do the right thing and pick it up and bin it.

If you ever have any inquiries about making your caravan or your adventures more eco friendly drop us a line here.