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A guide to modern towing EP. 12: Proper storage and maintenance for your caravan

Posted by Ben Mos on
A guide to modern towing EP. 12: Proper storage and maintenance for your caravan

Proper Storage and Maintenance for Your Caravan

It’s the part of caravan ownership that no one likes to think about – how to store and look after your van when it isn’t in use. Unless you’re one of the lucky few full-time travellers, for the majority of time your RV will be sitting idle. To ensure it stays in tip top condition, there are a few things you’ll need to do when you get home from a trip, which is why we’re here to share our top tips and tricks for caravan maintenance.

  • Inspect Your Caravan
    Once you’re all unpacked and ready to relax, take a few moments to properly check over your van for any wear and tear that may have occurred during your travels. Start from the bottom, checking the tyres for damage and look for cracks on the bottom of the trailer. Next, head to the front of the van, ensuring the gas bottles are off and the cradle has no rust or damage. If you have an awning, pull it out to check for damage, and don’t pack it away until it’s completely dry – otherwise you can expect a mouldy surprise next time you head off on holidays. Get onto the roof and inspect it thoroughly, especially around the air-con vents, and make sure there is no damage or leaks.
  • Preparing Your Van for Storage
    The way you store your van is incredibly important, as improper storage can drastically delay your departure next time you travel. You want your caravan to be clean, dry and secure – so we recommend clearing it out and giving it a thorough clean. For example, empty the fridge, wipe it down, and even leave the door open. Remove perishables and anything damp, and flush out the water tanks. Turn off all your appliances, and make sure the batteries are properly stored to prevent under and over charging.
  • Storing Your Van
    While there are a number of options on where you store your caravan, from your backyard, a friend’s property, or storage facility, how you store it is more important. It needs to be cost effective, secure and accessible – make sure it’s the right choice for you.
Storage & Maintenance

By properly storing your van, you can be sure it will be ready when you next hit the road. Instead of discovering costly problems moments before you hitch up and take off, you can inspect for damage, wear and tear upon returning from your previous holiday – saving you time and money. For an added touch, change the sheets in your caravan bed each time you get home, that way the whole space will feel brand new.