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A guide to modern towing EP.4 : Towing courses and training

Posted by Ben Mos on
A guide to modern towing EP.4 : Towing courses and training

You may think you’re fine without a towing mirror – after all, you’ve been driving a car for years now, how much harder can it be with a van on the back? The answer is ‘very’. They increase how much you can see behind you, meaning you’ll be able to see any cars approaching you from behind, or if anything go’s wrong with your van. They also make reversing far easier. In fact, in Australia, a towing mirror is a legal requirement if you’re pulling a caravan, so it’s no long a question of whether or not you need one, but instead, which one is right for you.

  • Clip on and Strap on:
    This style is either clipped or strapped to your car’s side mirror, and may have suction cups giving them further support as well. The can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles, with minimal effort! They can even be adjusted from within your car whilst on the move, which is ideal if you often swap drivers while traveling. However, for cars with mirrors that fold shut into the vehicle, a strong gust of wind may knock the mirror repeatedly into your own window. They also come with a number of small pieces which can easily go missing.
  • Bonnet-mounted:
    These mirrors use a crossbar from one side of your cars bonnet to the other. A clip is inserted into each side of the bonnet, securing the crossbar in place. Depending on your model, you may even have a bracing arm included which can give your entire mirror rig extra support. Whilst they are a very secure option, they take time to set up, and you won’t be able to adjust them from within your car.
  • Door-mounted:
    Often considered the best of the best, these mirrors are the most stable of your options, and they give you the widest view of the road behind you. These mirrors actually replace your current vehicles mirrors, and are ideal for the frequent traveller. They can even be wired up to your cars system, allowing you to adjust them from inside your vehicle with the push of a button. Unfortunately, they have a price tag to match, so you may want to carefully consider this option if you don’t travel as often as you’d like.

While there is no such thing as the ‘perfect mirror’, it’s all about deciding which one is right for you. The mirror should allow you to see your own vehicle in its entirety, the caravan, and the traffic behind you. Given how important they are, this is one accessory you don’t want to skimp on. For more help, visit one of our stores across the country and speak with our friendly team.