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A Guide to Rolling Flat Hoses and Storage Wheels

Posted by Ben Mos on
A Guide to Rolling Flat Hoses and Storage Wheels

Packing up is definitely the worst part of your camping trip.

From making sure everything is secure, to frantically scrubbing those last-minute dishes and finding all the kids scattered belongings in the caravan park. But there is one part that is definitely the most frustrating.

Packing up hoses. They always seem to have a mind of their own, coiling and flapping around and often refuse to fit back into the hose bag no matter how careful you are. It’s time to stop struggling and embrace the flat hose.

It’ll make packing up a breeze.

What Are Flat Hoses?

A flat hose is pretty much what the name implies — rather than your classic rigid backyard hose, flat hoses are more flexible and are perfect for quickly rolling up and going. Made from heavy duty materials, flat hoses are designed to last no matter what happens on the road.

Our Flat Hose for Drinking Water with Reel is perfect for new campers and grey nomads alike. It makes setting up your water supply as easy as uncoiling the rope and attaching it to the tap.

Flat hoses
What Are Storage Wheels?

It’s time to forget about hand bundling, we’ve had enough of wrangling hoses that seem to twist and kink no matter what you do. By keeping them in a storage wheel, not only will they last longer but it also makes it so easy to pack up you could do it with one hand.

The biggest game-changer for us was by using the Flat Sullage Hose. The way flat hoses work, any excess sullage in the hose is automatically expelled as you roll. It’s as easy as running some clean water through, getting to rolling and you’re done!

Storage wheels
How to Roll?

Even if you’re a caravanning newbie, you’ll soon realise just how important space is. And if there's something you really don’t want to be wasting space on it’s your hoses. By keeping your flat hoses on a storage wheel you’ll know exactly how much room they take up and exactly where to store them.

How to roll

How to Wind Up Your Storage Wheel


To wind up your Storage Wheel simply place the plug end of the hose in the centre of the wheel and out the exit guide.


Grab the handle and wind in a clockwise direction. When you’re finished the socket end will sit just outside the wheel.


Then it’s as easy as putting it away and you’re done!

How to UnWind Your Storage Wheel


When you’re ready to unwind it’s as simple as plugging in your hose fitting and walking away slowly, allowing the hose to naturally unspool. Just remember always to completely remove the wheel before use.


Turn on your water and watch as the hose uncurls. You’re done!

A high-quality flat hose and storage wheel is a must for any camper trailer. There’s nothing worse than being in a rush to pack up your campsite and spending half an hour struggling to put a dodgy hose back in its bag.

It’s small tools like this that makes caravanning a much more enjoyable experience.

Your caravan should be your home, and at Camec we want to do everything to make that a reality. Talk to us today and see how we can help.