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An Honest Review of the Theme Parks

Posted by Ben Mos on
An Honest Review of the Theme Parks

Theme park

Memories of screaming kids, sunburnt shoulders and sticky hands from melted ice cream. The sheer joy of finding the biggest water slide, screaming all the way down before slamming into the pool.

Is there anything more quintessentially Australian than the great summer road trip? And no road trip is complete without stopping in at least one theme park. Unless of course you hated them. Thought they were too noisy, too busy and too expensive. We’re going to get honest today and have a look at which ones to visit and which theme parks to avoid on your next summer road trip.

For the Thrill Seekers

If you’re thinking theme parks, you’re probably thinking Queensland. Home to Movie World, Dream World and Sea World, it’s long been a summer holiday staple.

These parks are loud! From screaming kids to endless entertainment, these amusement parks are for people who want it all. They’re busy and often packed out all summer holidays. Come prepared to spend a lot of time waiting in lines and elbowing people in the hot food queue. This is the kind of place where vomiting while riding the biggest rollercoaster is a badge of honour.

Which is why, unless you’re checking off your bucket list, we might give this one a miss. Sorry Queensland, but Western Australia might have you beat here.

Adventure World comes out on top for us. With over 25 thrilling rides but with plenty of gentler activities for the whole family this park is the real winner. Check out The Kraken which has the longest, steepest and tallest funnel slide on the planet. With enough to keep you entertained for the whole day Adventure World does exactly what it says. The best part is that your entry fee includes all rides.

For The Water Lovers

It’s hard to imagine the Aussie summer without water. From pools to beaches to massive water parks it’s a fantastic family hot day activity. The classic here is Wet’nWild , if you’re after summer fun then it’s hard to go past it. With locations in both the Gold Coast and Sydney, Wet’nWild will have you slapping on the sunscreen and trying to squint the chlorine out of your eyes.

If you’re further south, Jamberoo Action Park is another option. This massive park boasts rides like The Funnel Web and Perfect Storm that makes it a great destination for young families.

If the idea of water parks make you squirm, then perhaps it’s time to try out the adult equivalent: hot springs. The Peninsula Hot Springs in Victoria is definitely a favourite.

Adventure garden
For Those of You Who Don’t Like Theme Parks

If you don’t really care for rides, but still want a fun day out then adventure parks might be more your style. We especially love Enchanted Adventure Garden in Arthur’s Seat, Victoria. Get lost in its massive hedge maze, or go tree surfing and zip-lining. The great part is that there is something here for everyone.

While it might not be a traditional theme park, Questacon feels just as exciting. Located in the ACT it might be technically called a science museum but don’t let that fool you. With heaps of interactive exhibits like an earthquake house and a free-fall slide, it might not be a traditional theme park but it’s just as fun. And you might even learn a thing or two while you’re there.

The beauty of a theme park is that it has it all in one location. There’s no worrying about having to come up with plans or ideas, it’s all there. There’s a reason they’re so popular –It makes an easy family day out. But if you’re older, or simply don’t care for busy tourist attractions there’s nothing wrong with giving the theme parks a miss altogether.

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