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Fire safety in your caravan

Posted by Ben Mos on
Fire safety in your caravan

Product featured: 000354 - Fire blanket
000348 - Fire extinguisher
040188 - Smoke alarm
042886 - Power lead

Fire Safety In your Caravan

Fire safety in your caravan is much like your home but you have to remember that a fire in a caravan can escalate very quickly. So make sure you have everything you need in your caravan to keep family safe .

Fire Safety in your caravan

Tip 1: Smoke Alarm

Make sure you have a working smoke alarm in your caravan. Much like your home, your smoke alarm will need the battery changed every year and tested on a regular basis to make sure it is working.

Tip 2: Cooking in your caravan

Be careful when cooking in your caravan. Don’t leave food you are cooking unattended. Turn appliances and stove tops off when not in use and if there is a fire don’t use water to put it out. Always have a fire blanket and fire extinguisher available near the door of the caravan so you can put out any fires that may start up.

Tip 3: LPG Gas cylinders

Make sure you LPG gas cylinders and flammable liquids are always stored outside the caravan, that are maintained and in good working order. All your gas appliances and gas cylinders should be in the off position when towing your caravan or when in storage.

Tip 4: Electrical Equipment

Make sure all your electrical products are in good working order and there are no cables that are broken or wires exposed. Use a good quality extension leads to supply power to your caravan and make sure they are protected from water. For a water resistant solution you may want to consider an Amfibian power adaptor.

And don’t forget to call 000 if there is a fire.

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