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Gas Safety Recall (044813)

Posted by Ben Mos on
Gas Safety Recall (044813)

GRILLMAN Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve and GRILLMAN Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve with Hose and Regulator

Camec has been advised there is a product recall on the Grillman Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve (Camec part number 044813). If you have purchased this product between the 6th March 2018 to July 31st 2020 please return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

IDENTIFICATION: Gas safety Shut Off Valve with POL flitting, suitable for gas barbecues and outdoor gas heaters.

Batches GMGSG 2018/01 and GMGSG 2018/03.

Sold by caravan, camping, hardware, barbecue and outdoor furnishing stores between March 6th 2018 to July 31st 2020.

DEFECT: The tail pipe and main body of the valve may come apart, this may cause the seal at this point to break and allow gas to escape when the valve to the gas cylinder is open.

HAZARD: Risk of leaking gas igniting, leading to burns and/or a fire and/or explosion, which may result in serious injury or death.

ACTION REQUIRED: Consumers should immediately stop using the products and return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

CONTACT DETAILS: For further information, contact Mayo Hardware on 1300 360 211 or email

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