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Get the most out of your campsite by extending your outdoor area

Posted by Ben Mos on
Get the most out of your campsite by extending your outdoor area

Do you love exploring all that our beautiful country has to offer but are starting to feel like your caravan is shrinking? The best way to extend your available space – without rushing out and buying a new van – is with the addition of Camec caravan privacy screens and awnings. They’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from simple porch canopies to whole room annexes – the options are endless, ensuring that your needs can be met with ease.

But how will extending your outdoor area help you to get the most out of your campsite?

  • Provides shelter from the elements
    Although we try to plan our holidays to coincide with clear and sunny days, the weather can sometimes have a mind of its own. Being stuck in a van when it’s rainy or windy outside can quickly grow tiresome, especially if you have kids! The addition of caravan awning screens can provide you with protection from the elements, effectively doubling your available space and giving you more freedom of movement when the weather isn’t cooperating.
  • Provides additional storage
    Camping often involves a lot of things, particularly when you’re going to be on the road for an extended period of time – folding chairs and tables, bikes and other sporting gear, camp beds, food, and so on. All of these things can take up room inside your van, so storing them underneath caravan shade screens can help you regain valuable space. The addition of a privacy screen will also hide your possessions from any would-be thieves.
  • Provides additional sleeping space
    Whether you’re travelling with a larger group or you don’t want the hassle of setting up beds every night, an annexe can create the ideal bedroom. Simply set up your camp beds, toss your sleeping bags and pillows on top and you’re good to go! Sleeping outdoors can also be a fantastic way to escape the stuffiness of your caravan when the weather is hot and sticky – plus a privacy screen will make you feel like you’re all alone.

We have put together this helpful instructional video to ensure that you’re erecting your screen correctly and that it will stay safely in place for the duration of your holiday.

As you can see, extending your outdoor area can really help you to get the most out of your campsite and make caravanning that much more enjoyable. From protection against the elements to additional storage or sleeping space the options provided by your awning or RV privacy screen are endless. Whether you’re replacing an existing awning or adding one to your van for the first time, the team at Camec can help you choose the perfect fit for your caravan and requirements.