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How to Set Up WIFI for Travelling Australia

Posted by Ben Mos on
How to Set Up WIFI for Travelling Australia

WIFI for travelling Australia for Caravan

When going on holidays we sometimes want to go offline. To have less screen time and more family time. But sometimes we need to stay connected for work, schooling or to even catch up on your favourite Netflix show in the RV.

There’s plenty of choices out there if you’d like to use data when away from home. You can set up a mobile broadband plan or a post-paid or prepaid phone plan with lots of data. But if you will always have mains power you may want to consider a home wireless broadband plan.

Just make sure there’s a good mobile network signal where you’re travelling. If you’re unsure if coverage is available, check your provider’s website for more information.

Mobile broadband plans

Mobile broadband should be one of your go-to options if you need WiFi on the road. Mobile broadband is an internet connection that relies on the same 4G, 3G (and possibly 5G) network signals used by your smartphone. Getting connected is easy, and generally all you need is a SIM card which can be slotted into your phone, tablet, WiFi dongle, or laptop.
There’s no phone number attached to these SIM cards, so calls and texts aren’t included – you’re paying just for data.

Data phone plans for travelling

Another option could be to upgrade your phone’s data plan and use a mobile hotspot to connect your devices. Telstra, Optus and Vodafone and many other carriers all offer ‘unlimited’ data on post paid mobile plans in addition to a monthly high-speed data allowance. This ‘unlimited’ or endless data is going to be speed-capped: depending on your plan or provider.

Home wireless broadband plans

An alternative solution is a home wireless broadband plan. The catch is the modem needs mains power, and you’ll need to be in range of a mobile network to connect.

This type of internet needs its own power, which could be an issue if you’re travelling remotely. However, an advantage it has over mobile broadband is that data limits are typically larger, and might work better for you if you’re doing large downloads or streaming.

There are so many internet providers out there that it worth shopping around for the provider that has the best reach for where you plan to travel and the best plan for your data requirements.

At Camec we are all about providing you with the comforts of home. Visit our knowledge centre for more tips and tricks or contact us today.

Home wireless broadband plans for Caravan