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Installing your keyless entry lock

Posted by Ben Mos on
Installing your keyless entry lock

Fitment of Keyless Entry

To fit your Camec Keyless Entry lock you first need remove the standard mechanical lock from your Camec door.

To do this, open the RV door then lift up the handle to separate the security door from the main door.

Press the safety detent button and slide the locking snib down to lock the lock and expose the retaining screws.

Remove the three screws and gently remove the lock halves from the door frame.

Be sure to keep the three retaining screws, they will be used with the new Keyless Entry lock.

Take the new Keyless Entry lock and ensure it is in the locked state, with the external handle in the locked position.

Fitment of Keyless Entry

Make sure the wire between the lock handles is disconnected then separate the lock into two pieces

Fit the outer handle to the outer face of the security door.

Make sure that the cable is not kinked or pinched in the door frame.

Straighten the cable out so that it is clear of the door frame and pointing towards the bottom of the door.

Connect the cable from the inner assembly to the outer assembly, through the door.

Bring the two lock halves together. It is vitally important that the cable be routed along the designated channel, and not get pinched against the door frame or lock rack.

Once the two sections are together, use a screwdriver or key, lift the drive block while gently pushing the two halves together.

The inner and outer lock sections should be flat against the door frame. If not, then the cable is likely pinched. Remove the lock and reroute the cable to the correct location if this is the case.

Fit the 3 screws to the lock assembly.

Confirm that remote catch pins are in alignment with the main catch pin.

Fit the 4 Camec Alkaline batteries to the lock

Then test the operation of lock on door by manually unlocking the lock using the internal lock snib. Then press the outer button to wake up the lock, as it is now on battery mode. Present the programmed fob to the outer lock handle. The outer lock handle should retract and lock the door. Repeat this process to unlock the door.