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Keeping Cool this Summer

Posted by Ben Mos on
Keeping Cool this Summer

Cool your RV down quickly with a Webasto air conditioner

After a day in the summer sun the last thing you want is come back to your RV that is like an oven. Cool your RV down quickly with a Webasto air conditioner. Your RV will be cool in no time, and you will hardly notice that it is running. With exceptional cooling capacity and low noise levels this stylish air conditioner will keep the hot summer days and nights cool and comfortable.

By just a press of the remote control you can operate the Webasto air conditioner in temperatures as low as -5°C and as high as 50°C. Which means even in winter you can be nice and warm. With sleep and timing functions you don’t have to worry about running the air conditioner all night or when you are not there, set your timer for when you are due back, and you will walk into a cool RV.

Utilizing a high quality twin rotary Sanyo compressor the Webasto air conditioner is designed to start on a 200W generator with no soft start technology required. With a 3-speed fan and easy to remove and clean air filters this will be the best investment in keeping your family cool and comfortable over the scorching summer days.

Some frequently asked questions:

1. What voltage are the units available in?

The units are available as a 230V system.

2. What are the cooling capacities of the units?

We have two units, the CTT24 has cooling capacity of 2.4kW and heating capacity of 2.4kW The CTT34 has cooling capacity of 3.4kW & heating capacity of 3kW.

3. How many fan speeds does the evaporator have?

3 fan speeds, Low, Medium & High with Auto & Manual function.

Webasto air conditioner
Webasto air conditioner remote control
4. Do I need to have the unit serviced?

No particular service is required however: As regular maintenance, run the unit for 30 minutes once every 6 months. Also, check & clean (or replace if required) return air filter periodically. We suggest to change the filter annually. Keep the roof clean, avoid build-up of leaves & dirt etc

5. Who can install the unit?

The AC unit must be installed by a qualified and licensed electrician

6. What is appropriate size generator to use?

The Cool Top Trail 24 & 34 require a mains quality AC power source for correct operation. If you decide to supply power using a generator you must consult the generator supplier to confirm suitability and sizing of the generator for your application. Please note that damages caused by the use of a generator are not covered by warranty.

Cool Top Trail Generator

If you have any questions on the Webasto range of air conditions let us know.