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Seven Packing Tips from a Pro

Posted by Ben Mos on
Seven Packing Tips from a Pro

caravan packing

Everyone hates packing. While we’re all guilty of leaving it to the last minute — especially when we’re making a rush for the airport, caravan packing is a little more time intensive. But we want you to know it does get better! We are here to make your holiday easier. We have rounded up the 7 best packing tips that’ll have you packing like a pro in no time.

1. Start by Making a List

You have to start somewhere — and that’s by making a list. Start with the essential things you can’t live without. Work from there and see how much space you have available. Make sure you keep the list in your caravan and add anything as you travel and remove items you don’t use. This way, by the next trip you will know exactly what you need.

2. Keep it in Place

The biggest difference when it comes to packing a caravan is just how much things move around. As soon as you hit the road you will see that everything loves worming its way out of your carefully picked spot. The biggest tip here is the humble velcro. Allocate every item to a specific spot in the caravan and keep it in place with a strip of velcro.

Essential things in your caravan for trip
3. Invest in Quality Storage

We know we’re always saying this but it really pays off to invest in quality storage options early on. Buy items that are durable and heavy-duty. There’s no point in having a poor quality plastic storage container than busts after the first week. Start off with a smaller collection and add as you go. Keeping labels on your storage items also makes packing up a breeze as you will know where everything goes.

Quality Storage Caravan Kitchen
4. Invest in Quality Storage

The biggest storage issues tend to come from the kitchen. It is important to remember here that your kitchen in your caravan won’t be like your kitchen at home. It’s time to start thinking about what essentials you really need. Choose items that can be nested together for easy storage. When it comes to making packing up easy — make sure you wash up any kitchen items as soon as you use them. There’s nothing worse than holding up the whole trip because you need the water hose!

5. Swap Essentials to Sustainable

If you are going to be caravanning long term it's time to change to more sustainable products in your caravan. Keep green bags handy and use reusable containers or beeswax paper to store food. Always have a refillable bottle too. By creating less rubbish when you travel not only will you feel good, but you’ll save some money too!

6. Secure your Fridge

There’s nothing worse than opening up your fridge to find that your food has rolled everywhere. It’s time to section out your fridge — especially if you have a fruit and veggie drawer. After a couple of hours on the road you’ll have a mushy fruit salad if you’re not careful! Dividers and racks make packing your fridge easy and makes sure all your food survives the road.

7. Only Essentials

This is the biggest new caravanning mistake which is simply packing too much. From clothes to food you’ll find yourself back home and realise you didn’t even use half of it. If it’s not essential — don’t pack it. Any small items you forget you can pick up on the road. Plus you have to leave room for souvenirs, right?

Fruit Salad

With these packing tips, you’ll be on the road in no time. As always, the more you do it the easier it’ll become. Feeling all pack up and ready to go? Don’t forget to head to your local weighbridge to make sure you are not overloaded. Need a hand with the ins and outs of towing weights? We have a whole blog about it here.

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