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Solar set up guide

Posted by Ben Mos on
Solar set up guide

Solar Set Up Guide

If you ever want to go off the beaten track, or you want to reduce your reliance on electricity to cut costs while you’re on holidays, then you may be thinking about using green energy. One of the best ways you can make your caravan more environmentally friendly is through the use of solar panels, and the great news is, they are incredibly easy to set up and use! Once you’ve decided on the best system for your van and you’re ready to give your new panels a try, read through this set up guide for all the best tips and tricks.

Setting up your solar panels

It’s important to remember to read through the manual for instructions specific to your particular system, however, these are the general steps you should follow.

  • If you’re attaching the panels to the roof of your caravan, you’ll need to begin by drilling a hole in the ceiling, so the wires can be connected to the pre-wiring terminals within your van.
  • Whilst the panels are still on the ground, you can screw them onto the mounts, and it may be wise to invest in a quality adhesive for extra security. It can be spread over the back of the mount, and onto the roof panel to keep everything in place.
  • Two people will be needed to lift the solar panel onto the roof of the caravan, due to their size and weight. Its wires can then be passed through the cable block and into the van. Once that’s done, glue the block down with quality adhesive.
  • A wire connector – we recommend BP types – can be used to connect the positive output of the solar panel to the positive prewired red wire. The negative output from the panel connects to the negative black wire.
  • The battery installation is a major part of your solar system, as it will allow you to store the power when you aren’t using it. You may need at least two batteries, and they can be connected to each other in parallel – connecting the positive from the first battery to the positive on the second, and using a separate wire to do the same with the negative connections.
  • Finally, you need to mount and connect the solar regulator. This should be done as close to the batteries as possible. The regulator will have three separate wires, and will come with instructions on where they should be connected. Generally, the first connects to the solar panels, the second will connect to the van load, and the third will need to run to and from the batteries.
It’s also a good idea to keep the panel covered during installation, especially when connecting the wires. If you’re feeling out of your depth, or you have more questions and the instruction manual isn’t providing the answers you need, then feel free to contact our friendly team. We can offer you our expert advice, or point you in the direction of the professionals.