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The 7 Essential Items your can't live on the road without

Posted by Ben Mos on
The 7 Essential Items your can't live on the road without

Make Your Caravan Trips Enjoyable With Camec

At Camec we love giving out practical advice. We are all about making your caravan trips more enjoyable — and what’s better than the items we cannot live without on the road. From simple creature comforts to practical gear that makes everything else so much easier, we have rounded up a list of the top 7 items that we never go on a holiday without. Hit the road with confidence with Camec.

1. Insulated Glassware

While reusable coffee cups have been increasingly popular the last few years, we’re all about insulated cups.Not only are these insulated glasses environmentally friendly, but they keep your beverages piping hot or icy cold for over 8 hours. This is a massive lifesaver when you’re travelling. Especially when the aircon is on the fritz and you need some icy cold water.

2. Flat Hose and Storage Wheel

If you’ve read our guide to flat hoses and storage wheel then you know just how much we love them. They make packing up super easy and quick — and they last so much longer than your regular hoses. They have quickly become a must-have for travelling and it’s hard to imagine hitting the road without them.

caravan kitchen
3. Easy to Store Cookware

We always love packing items into our caravan that both save space and are super practical. This collection of smartspace pots and frypans are great for any caravan kitchen — no matter how small. You can even place them straight into the fridge when you’re done cooking, leftovers and all. When you’re finished washing up, every item stacks neatly into each other and straight into the cupboard — perfect!

Wheel Level and Chock Kit for Caravan camp site
4. In-Line Water Filter

Making sure you have access to safe and drinkable water is absolutely essential to any trip. We even have a whole blog post about it here. It’s hard to go past a classic inline water filter. It’s as easy as connecting it to your water hose and is great if you’re sticking to caravan parks with reliable water.

5. Wheel Level and Chock Kit

If you’ve been doing this for a while then you’ll know just how rare an even caravan camp site is. Stop those cupboards from swinging open and all your belongings rolling across the table with our wheel level and chock kit. After travelling with one of these for a while, it makes life so much easier. Especially if there’s been any wet weather.

6. Clothes Dryer

If there’s something that caravanning newbies might forget, it’s that you might not always have access to a dryer. Not to mention you need somewhere to put the kid’s wet swimmers. Don’t just hang them off any available surface. It’s time to invest in a clothes dryer for your caravan. There are quite a few options here, from ones that sit over door frames to pegless clotheslines that can be attached anywhere inside or simply from tree to tree. Going to be on the road long term? Ditch collecting one dollar coins and invest in a dryer. We can’t imagine going without one now!

7. First Aid Kit

This might not be as exciting as the rest of the items on the list — but it’s the essential onroad item. At Camec, safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Having an up to date first aid kit in both your caravan and the car is essential for any trip. From burnt fingers to scraped knees, having a bit more than just a pack of bandaids around gives us peace of mind.

First Aid Kit

Caravanning isn’t just a holiday, it’s a way of life. Make it even easier with our list of must haves. Think we missed an on the road essential? Let us know.