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Tips for Christmas in a Caravan

Posted by Ben Mos on
Tips for Christmas in a Caravan

Christmas in a Caravan

Christmas is a magical time of year filled with friends, family, sun and adventure. Normally your home would be in the Christmas spirit with the tree up, decorations around the house, Christmas baking and carols on repeat. But what if this year you are planning to spend Christmas in your caravan.

A caravan can be equipped with all the comforts you have come to rely on at home. With your festive goodies, games, and decorations. This is your chance to create a Christmas to remember on a smaller scale.

Decorate your Caravan
Decorate your Caravan

A caravan can be all decked up to your heart’s content for Christmas. To get in the spirit, you need to decorate your caravan.

Garnish the windows with tinsels, lights, and baubles. Instantly transform your caravan into a festive haven with rope lights that are quaint and nostalgic.

Whether you want to go all-in for Christmas decorations or want to make a few subtle additions, choose carefully when in a caravan. To create more space why not add a Fiamma Awning which will add a new dimension to the festivities, you can extend your outdoor area in a few minutes, offering valuable party space and more space to decorate.

Position your Christmas tree under an awning which will keep it dry and safe. Think out side the box and create a non traditional Christmas tree. You might want to create one from some timber around the camp site. Saving on storage space in your caravan.

Where to hide the presents

Ok so where are you going to hide the presents? With limited space in the caravan you might have to get creative. Under the bed, in over head cupboards where the kids can’t reach. In the caravan storage areas under the van. Keep it simple and only purchase items that you are going to use while you are travelling. As space can be limited.

Set the table

How about complimenting the scene with the cheery table setting? Some delicious food, along with a glass of wine is what Christmas is for. Decorate your table with local flowers and have the kids draw some Christmas place mats.

Barbecue Christmas lunch

Cooking outdoors in summer is part of everyday life here in Australia so get creative on what you server for Christmas lunch. A shrimp on the BBQ or maybe a traditional roast, your options are endless with what you can cook outside your caravan. Keep it simple as you don’t want to be slaving away all day in the van. Plus there is limited space to store the leftovers!

Enjoy beach cricket
Enjoy some festive activities

Along with Christmas food preparation, and despite the size of the caravan, it can be an excellent abode for you to enjoy some Christmas activities. Go for a surf if by the beach, a hit of totem tennis, beach cricket, bike ride. Make the day something that you and the kids will really enjoy. Making it a summer to remember.

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