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Why not Renovate?

Posted by Ben Mos on
Why not Renovate?

Ever wanted to upgrade or restore elements of your caravan?
Having trouble working out where to start? Not confident in setting things up correctly?

It can be daunting process when it comes to installing or replacing components such as water tanks or a solar system, let alone working out how to renovate your caravan kitchen or bathroom.

Good news - we’ve got you covered!

While Camec can supply you with all the products you need for your caravan renovation sometimes it’s best left to the experts like Northern RV to assist you with installing your new appliances, lighting or even gas heaters.

Northern RV have an experienced team and all the products you need to help renovate your tired caravan into your dream home-away-from-home. From replacing appliances to re-cladding your caravan to fitting out new cabinets Northern RV are there to take the stress out of updating or upgrading your caravan components.

Renovate your Caravan

So, there's no need to sell your caravan if something isn't quite right. Think about renovating your caravan so you can get out and enjoy new adventures with all the mod cons!

Northern RV