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Featured products for 2018

Posted by Ben Mos on
Featured products for 2018

It’s no secret that here at Camec, we love the great outdoors. It’s our mission to help you get the most out of our beautiful country, which is why we’re constantly bringing out new and improved products. Whether you’re heading away for a weekend or a yearlong pilgrimage around the country, if you want to kit your caravan out and make it the best it can be, we can help. Check out our favourite new products for the year so far:

Walex Commando Holding Tank Cleaner

If you have plumbing on board your van – such as sinks, washing machines or a shower – then this is one product you don’t want to miss out on. It cleans your grey water tank system with an all-natural enzyme cleaning treatment – and it works in as little as 12 hours!

  • Removes residual waste build-up that can lead to inaccurate sensor readings
  • Gets rid of build-up and odours in 12 hours
  • Super concentrated, scientifically developed formula made with natural enzymes
  • Use it every three months to help keep your tank in good working condition

Camec AGM Deep Cycle Slim Battery

We hope you’re as excited about our very own Camec AGM battery as we are. If you need to store power for your appliances but your short on space, this is the perfect option. Just over 10cm wide and under 30cm tall, it’s easy to slot into any space – and it comes with a 26-month warranty.

  • Deep cycle 12V 120AH battery for maximum running time
  • Front terminals for easy installation and maintenance
  • The unique vent valve design reduces water loss and prevents air and sparks from entering
  • Shield design also protect terminals from short circuiting

Vitrifrigo Slimtower150 Fridge Freezer

Do you like fresh, cool produce whilst on holidays? You need Vitrifrigo’s new 140 litre fridge freezer. Sitting at just over 40cm wide and deep, it’s designed to give you maximum space in your caravan. Now you’ll be able to shop with confidence knowing your food will stay fresher for longer.

  • AirLock locking system to keep the interior cool
  • Silent mode for minimum noise operation (ideal for the caravan park)
  • Turbo mode for maximum performance (perfect for our red centre)
  • Remotely mounted 1.5m compressor

RV Media Evolution TV’s

Stay up-to-date with your favourite programmes no matter where you go with RV Media’s newest televisions. Choose between 19” or 24”, and they each come with Bluetooth wireless audio, on screen low battery voltage warnings and backlit remotes with quick tune as standard.

  • Send the audio from the programme to other devices via Bluetooth, such as wireless headphones or RV speakers
  • Avoid damage to your RV and increase your battery life with an on-screen low battery voltage warning
  • Backlit remote means you won’t need to turn on the turn on all your caravan lights to change the channel
  • Take advantage of optional stand and plug pack accessories

Camec 4 Seasons Roof Hatch

Please welcome our newest evolution roof hatch to the market! It captures the essence of the original model whilst improving on its installation and use, making it the ideal addition to any caravan.

  • Designed and tested for Australia conditions
  • Easy to install from within the RV
  • Each hatch has three opening positions – fully opened, rain mode, and closed
  • Increased passive ventilation increased to 223cm² from 161cm² on the original model

Of course, these aren’t all our new products – visit us instore or browse our online range to see everything we have on offer. If you’re after specific advice on what will work in your caravan, contact our friendly team today.