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How to install a grey water tank

Posted by Ben Mos on
How to install a grey water tank

Whilst we’re seeing a huge shift toward grey water tanks at the moment, both within council regulations and our own environmental standards, many caravans across the country still don’t come with a tank as standard. Without prior knowledge, it isn’t surprising that a lot of first time caravaners opt toward saving a bit of money by forgoing the tank – only to regret their decision in the future. If that sounds like you, or you have an older van and weren’t given the option of tank instillation, then it might be time to install a tank after the fact.

  1. Choose your tank
    By choosing a specifically designed holding tank, you you’ll find it far easier to empty and store. When it comes to the size of your tank, keep in mind your individual needs. How many people will be using it, how far will you be going in between emptying the tank? It’s also important to note that grey water stored for longer than 24 hours becomes black water, so frequent emptying is important.
  2. Decide where to install the tank
    It’s no secret that caravans and motorhomes are pressed for storage. By pre-planning where you’ll be installing your tank, you can maximise your options and reduce the likelihood of having to move it down the track. Make a note of where your plumbing fixtures are located to ensure easy access. Ideally, it should be between the shower and the sink.
  3. Mount the tank
    Double check that the grey water tank is in an easy to reach area, and the fittings are all close to you to ensure minimum messing around (and potential for accidents). Mount the tank according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If its larger than a standard option, you many need to install extra support bars and straps for your security.
  4. Maintenance
    Ongoing maintenance is critical for avoiding any nasty accidents down the track. We recommend cleaning the tank every three months with a chemical treatment such as Walex Commando. This will remove any build up and lubricates the valves and seals. We also suggest checking your tank frequently to ensure it is working at an optimal standard – give it a quick once over whenever you empty them, and after a particularly bumpy drive. It isn’t unusual for older tanks to become loose, damaged or cracked. If that’s the case, simply invest in a newer model and start these steps from the top!

If you’re sick of seeing grotty, muddy puddles under your van – or the caravans around you – then it might be time to invest in a grey water tank. You can store all your run off, from the shower and washing machine to the dirty water you’ve used to wash your dishes. Rather than dumping it at the camp site, you can dispose of it properly to keep the chemicals and oils you’ve used out of nearby streams and water sources.