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How to set up your awnings and privacy screens

Posted by Ben Mos on
How to set up your awnings and privacy screens

There’s nothing quite like exploring the beautiful country that we are lucky enough to call home. Unfortunately, Australia is known for our extreme summers and harsh sun, and this can often leave you desperately searching for shade. Luckily, Camec’s range of awnings can protect you from the elements, providing a UV blocking screen so you can enjoy the great outdoors no matter how hot it gets. You’ll no longer need to hide in your caravan in the middle of the day – instead, you can extend your campsite with a protected outdoor space.

Setting Up Your Awning

  • Undo the travel locks by flipping up the locking catch and loosening the knob behind the awning frame. This needs to be done on both sides.
  • On the right hand of the awning, move the switch into the roll down position.
  • Roll out the screen using the tab provided – the arms will separate at the same time. Slide the inner arm all the way to the top until it’s locked into place on both sides.
  • Open up the latch on the arm, and slide it up using the handle on both sides, until it’s in the required position/height.
  • Take the pressure off the awning, and make sure the spline is at 90 degrees, and then lock the arm off by tightening the lock.
  • You can even change the legs to straight up and down – called the patio position – rather than at an angle from your van, and of course, lock it off to make it secure.
  • To install the privacy screen, slide the top edge into the rope track on the outer side of the awning, and slide it along the entire length of the awning.
  • You can the peg the bottom edge to the ground, to keep it from flapping in the wind.

Our privacy screens aren’t just to keep prying eyes out of your site – they’ll also protect you from the harsh Australian sun. Our screens are all UV blocking, and they come in a wide range of sizes to suit your van. For more help, visit our Camec stores or stockists, located across the country.