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The difference between a 2-way and 3-way caravan fridge

Posted by Ben Mos on
The difference between a 2-way and 3-way caravan fridge

The Difference Between a 2-Way and 3-Way Caravan Fridge

One of the major perks of owning a caravan is having everything within easy reach, no matter where you travel. This often includes an ensuite, stovetop, or fridge. When it comes to caravan appliances, everyone has an opinion – and the fridge is no exception. If you’ve found yourself deciding between a 2-way and a 3-way fridge, you’ve come to the right place. We can run through the differences,so you can make the right choice for your caravan.

  • Compressor
    2-way fridges, also known as compressors, run the same way as the model at your home. They use 12/24-volts, powered by your vehicle or camping batteries, and have the ability to run on 240-volt power, delivered from a powered site or via your portable generator.
  • Absorption
    Known as a 3-way, absorption fridges can run on 12/24-volts and 240-volts, just like your compressor option, but they can also run on LPG gas. Unlike the first model, however, they use a gas flow heat exchange system within the back of the fridge. This removes the heat from within the unit, rather than creating cold air.

Main Differences

Now that you know how to tell one from the other, you may still be wondering how those differences effect their practical use.

  • Efficiency:
    When you’re running off the grid or you’re trying to make a powered camp site work for you, efficient appliances are incredibly important. Compressor fridge run very efficiently when plugged into the camp site power than their absorption counterparts, though if you’re planning on heading off the beaten track, an absorption model can keep your produce cool for two to three weeks with only nine kilos of gas.
  • Temperature:
    When it comes to cooling, 2-way fridges are the clear winner. They provide a lower temperature consistently in even the hottest climates, which are perfect if you’re heading up north. While technology is improving, 3-way fridges still can’t get as cold as quickly.
  • Noise:
    When all your appliances are in the same room as your bed, the sound they emit is critical to a good night’s sleep. If you’re a light sleeper, you need an absorption fridge – as they work with heat-exchange, they are practically silent. Compressors on the other hand, will make the same level of noise as your home fridge, which may seem quiet until you have to sleep next to it!

While a compressor fried requires more equipment to run if you don’t have access to a powered site, a 3-way fridge will run wherever you are, as long as you have gas bottle on hand. When it comes to choosing the right model for your van, it does come down to personal preference. If you’re still struggling to decide, speak with our friendly team or visit one of our stockists for their expert advice.