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CAMEC Induction Cooktop 3.3kW

Camec Induction Cooktop - 3.3kW

PART NO - 053575
Utilises advanced induction technology for faster and more precise cooking
Energy efficient, providing instant and precise heat control
Dual cooking zones for versatile meal preparation
User-friendly touch controls for easy operation and temperature control
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Our induction cooktop is tailored specifically for caravan, motorhome, and RV owners who endorse the merits of modern kitchen appliances and desire superior functionality coupled with cutting-edge design.

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Refine your mobile kitchen with the Camec Induction Cooktop. It's more than an appliance; it's a promise of indulgence, efficiency, and safety. With exacting power control and dual zones for varied cooking requirements, each meal becomes an effortless affair.

Induction technology is not just about culinary precision; it's a lifestyle shift towards sustainable, energy-efficient living. Invest in the finesse of modern cooking and elevate your caravan, RV, or motorhome with a kitchen that'sas mobile as you are.

- Advanced Induction Technology: Immerse in the swift, efficient, and remarkably controlled heating that our induction technology offers. Savour the pleasure of instantaneous heat adjustments and revel in energy savings and expedited cooking times.
- Dual Cooking Zones: Whether you're making a quick cup of tea or a full gourmet meal, the dual cookware zones adapt to your needs, ensuring hassle-free meal preparation no matter the pan size.
- Intuitive Controls: With its user-friendly touch controls and lucid digital display, temperature regulation is at your fingertips, ensuring your culinary creations are cooked to perfection.
- Safety First: Journey with peace of mind as the Camec Induction Cooktop is equipped with essential safety features, such as a child lock system and an overheat protection mechanism, amplify kitchen safety.
- Sleek & Functional Design: The cooktop's seamless, contemporary build not only captures the eye but also simplifies cleaning, making maintenance as straightforward as possible.
- Built-In Timer: Our timer function epitomizes convenience, allowing you to set and forget, so you can enjoy more time savouring your travel experiences.
- Cookware Versatility: Compatible with a broad range of cookware types, especially those induction-ready.
- Energy Conscious: Benefit from a marked reduction in energy consumption when compared to traditional gas or electric cooktops.

- Voltage: 240V
- Max Power: 3.3kW
- Cooking Zones: 2
- Zone 1 Size & Power: 200mm - 1.5kW
- Zone 2 Size & Power: 220mm - 1.8kW
- Power Supply: 15A Plug
- Overall Dimensions(mm): 520(l) x 300(w) x 58(h)
- Weight:4.2kg

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